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Be a Craft TV™ Sponsor! 
Show your craft product in our monthly video club!


Demonstration Tapes:
You will receive copies of your segments, which can be edited together by CRAFT TV™ into Loop Tapes for you to use at trade shows, retail kiosks, sales training, or to sell as instructional use at your discretion, at no extra cost; upon request.

Website Links:
Your company will benefit from free links to the CRAFT TV™ and PattieWack™ websites to steer consumers to your website, or to retail stores where your product can be purchased. You can even place your produced segment, or part of your segment onto your website as a product demonstration video clip!

Timeless Advertising:
CRAFT TV™ is available to your customers anytime, no matter what their local cable or satellite connections, and the customer will play it in their home over, and over! They will have numerous chances to hear your product mentioned every time they view their tape, and share it with their friends.

Featured Manufacturers:
Each CRAFT TV™ volume is at least an hour long format and will contain a variety of crafting segments. We'll also have some fun with field trips to various places like manufacturers' plants to explore how a product is made. Your company/product can be featured in a field trip, then another segment would show how to use the product in a crafting project.

Project Sheets & Coupons:
Manufacturers and Retailer Stores can also provide project sheets and coupons to be inserted in the customer’s CRAFT TV™ video packet each month free of charge.

Retail Store Exposure:
Many craft store owners are using CRAFT TV™ videos to provide in-store product demonstration, training, and classes to increase sales. 

Demonstrator Provided:
If your company does not have a demonstrator, CRAFT TV™ can provide one for an additional fee.

Sponsors Receive:

  1. Your product featured in a 5 to 10 Minute Segment on CRAFT TV™
  2. Your Project Sheet inserted in each subscriber’s CRAFT TV™ video packet 
  3. VHS Copy of the show, in which your product was featured
  4. Loop Tape to use at your discretion, at no extra cost
  5. Website Links to/from and
  6. Your product mentioned in CRAFT TV™ updates and PattieWack newsletters 

CHA Show Special!
Tape two segments in Your Booth for $1250.00


For pricing and information contact:

Scott Wilkinson, Director


Copyright 2002 Craft TV Productions